We hope to have some faculty listed for you shortly, in the meantime, you can view all the other faculty members that make up the College of Arts & Sciences.
Picture Name Position E-mail Office Phone Number
jrbowe3's picture
John Bowersox
fettens's picture
Frank R. Ettensohn Professor, Jefferson Science Fellow f.ettensohn@uky.edu 314A Slone Research Building 859-257-1401
rlfr223's picture
Rebecca Freeman Lecturer rebecca.freeman@uky.edu 310 Slone Research Building 859-257-6376
gooding's picture
Patrick Gooding
greb's picture
Stephen F. Greb Geologist V greb@uky.edu 338 Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg 859-323-0542
dcharris's picture
David Harris
jchowe3's picture
James C. Hower jchowe3@uky.edu 2540 Research Park Drive 40511-8410 859 257-0261
mmmc234's picture
Michael M. McGlue Pioneer Professor michael.mcglue@uky.edu 106 Slone 859-257-1952
bnuttall's picture
Brandon Nuttall
tmparr2's picture
Marty Parris
kye223's picture
Kevin M. Yeager Associate Professor, Director - SER2L kevin.yeager@uky.edu Slone Research Building, Rm. 107 859-257-5431
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