Applying to the Program

Applying to the Program

Deadline: We will start reviewing applications February 15, 2014


Application: To apply, please send the following electronically to David Westneat

  • Completed application form

  • Unofficial transcript and list of current courses

  • Two letters of reference from persons who can evaluate your ability and motivation to do science

  • Personal statement

Application form as a fillable pdf can be downloaded here

  • Sidebar: If you have trouble opening this form in your browser, the easiest work around is to right click on the link above, save the file to your hard drive, and open it with Adobe Reader (a free pdf viewer) or Adobe Acrobat (which costs money). Right click on the pdf form link, "here," above, and go to "Save Link As" (Firefox, Chrome), "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer), or "Save Linked File As" (Safari), and save the file, Application 2014.pdf to your hard drive. Then open it in Adobe Reader, fill it out, and submit it along with the rest of your application materials (see below) via email. A slightly more involved workaround is to replace your browser's pdf plug-in with a plug-in from Adobe, Reader or Acrobat, (which is how browsers used to view pdfs).

  • You are asked on the application to prioritize the projects that interest you the most. We cannot ensure that you get your first choice, but we will attempt to match your interests with a suitable project.

  • Note: We have encountered a glitch with the application form in which all information is lost if it is filled out on a Mac computer. If you are using a Mac computer, we recommend that you SAVE AS a .jpg file after you have filled out the form, and e-mail that file instead.


Unoffocial transcript

Send a scan or pdf of at least the past two years of your undergraduate record.


Two letters are required. Many applicants may not have done much scientific research yet, but we welcome letters from persons who can describe your ability in class, a lab course, or in a job that required attention to detail, independence, and reliability. Please have your references e-mail their letter to David Westneat.

Personal Statement

Please provide a 1-2 page statement that will give us a better understanding of you as a student and scientist. Explain why you are interested in our program, how it might build on your previous experiences, and how it might shape your plans for the future. Be as specific as possible about your interests and how the projects available might contribute to developing those interests.



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