Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology

Grace Jones
(859) 257-3795

Nuclear Receptor Signaling   The experimental questions that I am addressing concern the molecular players and mechanisms through which hormones regulate the developmental programs...
Rebecca Kellum
Associate Professor
(859) 257-9741
Faculty Website
Chromosome Structure Function The research program of the Kellum lab focuses on how the DNA of eukaryotic cells is organized into functional chromosomes. A primary area of interest...
Brian Rymond
Linda and Jack Gill Professor of Biology
(859) 257-5530

Eukaryotic genome complexity is enriched by embedded introns which expand the number of proteins produced by alternative splicing, provide unique environments to embed genes and regulatory elements,...
Sheldon Steiner
(859) 257-3870

Neuron Astrocyte Signal Transduction The long term goal of studies in my laboratory is to understand the role of lipid biomediators, in neuronal degeneration. Lipid biomediators include a wide range...
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