Biology Program Tracks

Tailor Your Biology Degree To Your Interests- Declare a Track!

Beginning in Fall 2018, students who have earned at least 45 credit hours can declare a track within their Biology B.S. or B.A. (not for Option A, only for Option B--with a Topical Focus) degree.


To declare a track, go to myUK Student Services, and choose "Request a major change". Select the same major you are in, but include a "Specialization" which is the track.


  • To complete a track, 12 upper-level elective hours must be completed from the courses listed for each track. The remaining upper-level elective credit hours may come from the full list of approved electives.
  • Six hours of independent research (BIO 394/395/397/398) can be counted toward the total upper-level electives, but only three hours of independent research can count toward the 12 hours required for each track other than General Biology.
  • Of the total upper-level elective hours required, nine hours must have a BIO prefix.

Biology Tracks Flyer [PDF]