Handshake and Other Opportunities

If you are interested in finding and pursuing an internship opportunity, the best place to start is Handshake. This website is a platform that allows students to enter in their academic, work, and personal experience and information and then uses that information to match them with the most relevant job, co-op, or internship opportunities. All UK students can login to Handshake with their linkblue credentials and search for internships by location, employer industry, duration, salary type, academic major and more. The more information added, the better the odds of finding opportunities that align with each student's unique qualifications and interests. Upon first logging into Handshake you will be prompted to enter information about your interests and experience, but you can go back and add more information to your profile at any time.

Students can also use the calendar within their Handshake account to find upcoming writing and professional development workshops, job fairs, and Education Abroad information sessions. Students who have completed internships can describe their experiences in Handshake for others to see, and this can help biology majors determine whether certain opportunities would be a good fit for them. For students who are unsure of what types of internship or job opportunities exist for Biology majors, Handshake can be a very useful tool. Please visit the links below to get started, or if you have questions, as always, you can contact biology@uky.edu or the Stuckert Career Center directly.


The Biology department currently offers two different internship opportunities: tutoring other biology students in the Biology Learning Center (BLC) as an Undergraduate Instructional Assistant, or mentoring BIO 148 students as a peer instructor. For both of these options students should sign up for EXP 396 with the help of the respective faculty mentor.

Undergraduate Instructional Assistant (UIA) in the BLC

For students who have performed well in their biology courses (A's and B's), especially in BIO 148 and/or BIO 304, working in the BLC offers a chance to develop interpersonal skills and professionalism, while gaining a deeper understanding of biology. UIAs must work three hours per week in the learning center for every credit hour of EXP 396* earned, and hours are logged online. In this position, student UIAs may help fellow undergraduates with anything from tricky homework questions or assignments to exam study sessions. While the ability to tutor BIO 148 or BIO 304 is highly preferred, we accept tutors for a wide range of courses, including but not limited to BIO 152, BIO 155, BIO 302, BIO 303, BIO 308, BIO 315, BIO 325, and BIO 350. Anyone who has high performance in at least one of their biology courses and has a drive to help their peers succeed should apply. A call for applications goes out at the start of the fall and spring semesters and any interested applicants should send their name, linkblue ID, resume, and unofficial transcript to Dr. Claire O'Quin (claire.oquin@uky.edu).

Undergraduate Peer Instructor for BIO 148

For highly motivated students who earned A's in BIO 148, being a peer instructor in Dr. Osterhage's section of BIO 148 provides the opportunity to reinforce fundamental biological concepts while helping fellow undergraduates succeed in the course. Peer instructors sign up for EXP 396* for 2 credit hours (6 corresponding working hours per week) and attend BIO 148 lectures to help students with in-class assignments and questions. Peer instructors will also occasionally attend or possibly run review sessions before exams. Any interested students should contact Dr. Jennifer Osterhage (jennifer.osterhage@uky.edu) before the semester starts (Fall and Spring).


  • *EXP 396 counts toward the experiential requirement of the University Honors Program
  • EXP 396 contracts are filled out through Handshake, so if you do not have a Handshake account set up, please do that ahead of speaking with either faculty mentor


Kentucky Wildlife Center's Internship Program

The Kentucky Wildlife Center’s Internship Program is designed for current college students or recent graduates. Under the guidance of the Centers staff, interns will develop skills and gain valuable real-world experience in their field of interest.

The ideal candidate must meet the following requirements:

1) Be at least 18 years of age
2) Be within good standing with the university of college
3) Be Hard working highly motivated and professional
4) Demonstrate commitment to working in a wildlife setting

All internships will be unpaid. The Kentucky Wildlife Center is open 365 days a year. Interns can expect to have a regular set schedule but may have to participate on weekends, holidays, etc.

Candidates must provide proof of current medical insurance and maintain this insurance for the duration of their internship.

To apply for an internship, qualified applicants must submit an application (Kentucky Wildlife App) to

Sam Opp, Director
Kentucky Wildlife Center
4270 Georgetown Road
Lexington KY 40511

Please be prepared to submit a resume and contact information for two professional references along with the application itself.

Full Time Internships are 12 weeks in length where the intern must work approximately 30 hours a week.

Part Time Internships will last for 24 weeks and the intern will work between 10 to 15 hours a week.

Candidates can select between 3 separate areas of opportunity within the facility However, because space is limited and are on a first come first serve basis it is recommended to submit your applications early. Interviews will be conducted within 3 weeks of the closing of each application season, and the appropriate candidates will be sent offer letters promptly after a selection is made.

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