Genetics and Genomics

Faculty Links
Vincent Cassone
Chronobiology, Neuroscience
Elizabeth Debski
Associate Professor, Co-Director, Neuroscience B.S. degree Program, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience
(859) 323-9537
Physiology, Neuroscience, Genetics, Genomics, Neurobiology
Doug Harrison
Associate Professor
(859) 257-6275
Cell signaling, Cell biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics
Grace Jones
(859) 257-3795
Nuclear Hormone Receptor Signaling for Cell Differentiation and Generation of Epidermal Barrier
Rebecca Kellum
Associate Professor
(859) 257-9741
Developmental Cell Biology, Gene Expression
Catherine Linnen
Assistant Professor
Ecological and evolutionary genetics, adaptation and speciation, population genomics, insect-plant interactions, Evolutionary Biology
Pete Mirabito
Associate Professor
(859) 340-2022
Science Education
Ann Morris
Associate Professor, and Associate Chair - Education
Development and regeneration of the vertebrate eye and retina
Bruce OHara
Interim Department Chair, Professor
(859) 257-2805
Sleep Circadian Rhythms
Edmund Rucker
Associate Professor of Biology
(859) 257-1807
Brian Rymond
Linda and Jack Gill Professor of Biology
(859) 257-5530
Mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing, ribonucleoprotein assembly, yeast genetics
Jeramiah Smith
Assistant Professor
(859) 257-0124
Genome Biology, Vertebrate Evolution
Jeremy Van Cleve
Assistant Professor
(859) 218-3020
Evolutionary theory, Evolutionary ecology, Quantitative biology, Social evolution, Ecological and evolutionary genetics
S. Randal Voss
Professor, Associate Chair of Research, Associate Faculty, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center, Director, Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center
(859) 257-9888
David Weisrock
Associate Professor, BMF
Evolutionary Biology
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