Genetics and Genomics

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vcass2's picture Vincent Cassone
Chronobiology, Neuroscience, Microbiome
debski's picture Elizabeth Debski
Associate Professor
(859) 323-9537
Physiology, Neuroscience, Genetics, Genomics, Neurobiology
emdu236's picture Elizabeth (Beth) Duncan
Assistant Professor
(859) 562-2028
Animal regeneration, Stem cell biology, Developmental Biology, Chromatin biology
dough's picture Doug Harrison
Associate Professor, Director, A&S Imaging Center
(859) 257-6275
Cell signaling, Cell biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics
cki266's picture Chintan Kikani
Assistant Professor
Stem cell biology, Cell signaling, Cell biology, Metabolic network in cancer
cli242's picture Catherine Linnen
Associate Professor
Ecological and evolutionary genetics, adaptation and speciation, population genomics, insect-plant interactions, Evolutionary Biology
pmmira00's picture Pete Mirabito
Associate Professor, Associate Chair
Science Education
acmo224's picture Ann C. Morris
Associate Professor
Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Retina
bohara's picture Bruce O'Hara
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
jjsmit3's picture Jeramiah Smith
Associate Professor
(859) 948-3674
Genome Biology, Vertebrate Evolution, Pluripotency, Cancer, Regeneration, biology
jva238's picture Jeremy Van Cleve
Associate Professor
(859) 218-3020
Evolutionary ecology, Quantitative biology, Social evolution, Ecological and evolutionary genetics, Mathematical Biology
dweis2's picture David Weisrock
Professor and Chair, Lewis Honors faculty
Evolutionary Biology