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vmal223's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
Mammalian circadian rhythms and metabolism
316 Thomas Hunt Morgan
enar227's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
Regeneration Biology, Cell biology, Cell Metabolism
pba264's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
Animal regeneration, Stem cell biology, Developmental Biology
202 TH Morgan Building, 675 Rose St, Lexington, KY 40508
jdbi229's picture
PHD Candidate, Biology, NSF Fellow
Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Retina, Retinal characterization of the African Spiny mouse
skbi222's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
Regeneration, Developmental Biology, Bioinformatics, Transcriptomics
211 Thomas Hunt Morgan
CVCA224's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
302 Thomas Hunt Morgan
agco232's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
106 MDR3
sda282's picture
PHD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
Developmental Cell Biology, Cell signaling, Bioinformatics
301 T.H. Morgan Bldg.
mdo254's picture
PHD Candidate, Biology
vbdw222's picture
PhD Graduate
Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Developmental Biology, Transcriptomics, Regeneration
B443, Biomedical Biological Science Research Building, University of Kentucky
kies222's picture
Graduate Student, Biology, Graduate Research Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Bioinformatics, Genome Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology
200 Thomas Hunt Morgan
mefole2's picture
Graduate Student , Teaching Assistant, Biology
204D THM
lga268's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
THM 211
ANGL226's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
adaptation and speciation genomics
204D Thomas Hunt Morgan Building
kmgl225's picture
PhD Candidate, Biology
Evolution of Human Reproductive Behavior, Evolution of Primate Social Structure, Intersection of Biology and Culture, Effective Methods of Teaching Evolution in a Religious Context, Scientific Public Policy and Education
sngo223's picture
Graduate Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
302 TH Morgan
KGR256's picture
PhD candidate, Graduate research assistant , Biology
microbiology, Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, Chronobiology, Biotechnology
302 THM
KMGR259's picture
PHD Candidate, Biology, NSF Fellow
123 TP Cooper
lgu229's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
TH Morgan 334
trha237's picture
Thesis Master's Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
Touch Reception, Neurobiology, Developmental Biology
311A T. H. Morgan Building
hkhe226's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
Dessication and dehydration tolerance of Bryophytes, Plant Physiology
JAHO267's picture
PHD Candidate, Biology
neuroendocrinology, Hypertension, Fluid and Energy Homeostasis
THM 211
MIS238's picture
Doctoral Student (Ph.D.), Biology
Stem cell biology, Cancer Biology, immunology, Cell signaling, Reproductive Endocrinology, Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology
ksjo229's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant, Biology
EJKA228's picture
Master's Student, Biology
Mammalian circadian rhythms and metabolism, Estrogen Signaling, Conservation, endocrinology
Pendergast Lab, 316 Thomas Hunt Morgan
btke232's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
alki238's picture
PhD Candidate
Metapopulations, Animal Behavior, Ecology, evolution
S-225 Ag. Science Center North (Entomology), or 101 TH Morgan (Biology)
lakr227's picture
PHD Candidate, MD/PhD Program, Biology
215 Thomas Hunt Morgan
blo252's picture
Graduate Student, Biology, Teaching Assistant
biology, Cell biology, developmental biology and regenerative medicine, Animal regeneration
211 THM
ALMC255's picture
PHD Candidate, Biology
behavioral ecology, Animal Behavior
106 MDR3
(859) 323-9499
obom222's picture
PhD Candidate, Biology
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, Mammalian circadian rhythms and metabolism
315 Thomas Hunt Morgan
mpa364's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
rpe230's picture
PhD Candidate, Biology
101 Thomas Hunt Morgan
kra287's picture
PhD Candidate, Biology, Genetics and Genomics
Genetics, Genomics, biology
tsa232's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
106 MDR3
csa239's picture
PhD Candidate, Biology
311 TH Morgan
ssa323's picture
PhD candidate, Graduate Teaching assistant, Biology
Animal regeneration, Cell biology, cellular senescence
211 THM building, 675 Rose street
jdsh225's picture
PhD Candidate, Biology
109 MDR3
sesi229's picture
PhD Student, Biology
Physiology, Developmental programming, Science Education
115C Thomas Hunt Morgan Bldg.
mjst242's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
Physiology, Mammalian circadian rhythms and metabolism, Neurobiology


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