Mentored Research

The mentored research program is a variable credit course (BIO 395) for the advanced biology student wishing to gain experience in research. This is an outstanding opportunity for students to expand their horizons and deepen appreciation of contemporary biological research, whatever their career goals. Most students taking this course register for 3 credits per semester in each of one or two semesters. Fall or Spring of the junior year are good times to initiate a research project but involvement in research at any point is very beneficial.

An extensive brochure listing faculty members across campus who are willing to mentor undergraduates in their labs can be downloaded here (pdf). Paper copies can be picked up in 101 Morgan Building. Faculty in the biology department and in other departments and colleges (Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Agriculture, etc.) can guide independent study. The student must contact the faculty member of his/her choice and discuss the type of research to be conducted and what is expected of them in terms of awarding a final grade. A BIO 395 Research Contract (pdf) must be completed by the student and the faculty member and submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Biology shortly after the beginning of each semester in which the research is to be conducted. The contract form may be picked up in the Biology Main Office 101 T. H. Morgan Building.

Freshmen and sophomores may also get involved in research. The UK-Undergraduate Research Program facilitates entry of new students into research labs and offers opportunities for seminars and discussions among participating students. UK-URP is an excellent way to get into basic research nearly as soon as you arrive on campus.

If additional information is needed, please call Dr. Jennifer Osterhage, Director of Undergraduate Studies

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