Minor in Biology

A minimum of 21 semester hours, to be distributed as follows,  is required for the minor in biological sciences:

Pre-Minor Requirements

Note: CHE 105 (General College Chemistry I) is a coreq or prereq for BIO 148 and BIO 152
Introductory Biology (BIO 148)                       3 hrs
Principles of Biology II (BIO 152)                    3 hrs
Lab for Intro Biology I (BIO 155)                      1 hr

Minor Requirements (two Courses from the following list)

Introduction to Evolution (BIO 303)                  4 hrs
Principles of Genetics (BIO 304)                     4 hrs

Minor Electives
Approved BIO or other courses at the 300- level or higher (see upper-level electives). 6 hrs
Up to three hours of BIO 395 (Research in Biology) may be counted here.
***For the biology minor, a minimum of 4 of the elective credit hours must be BIO courses (i.e. courses with BIO prefix)***


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