Dates: 27 May 2014 - 1 August 2014The 2014 program will start May 27th and end August 1st. Early arrival or late departure may be possible but would need to be worked out individually, with housing a major challenge since the University dorms are not available after August 5th.

EligibilityApplicants must be U.S. citizens attending any college or university in the world and who have not yet received their bachelor’s degree at the time of the program. Our program emphasizes applicants with a diverse background and set of previous experiences with doing science, so we encourage all who meet the basic requirements to apply.

StipendsInterns in the full 10 week program will receive a stipend of $5000, paid in two installments of $2500.

Individual ProjectsThe main activity for interns will be conducting research on a specific project. The exact schedule and requirements for this depend on the project, and so should be discussed with your mentor. Immersion into research is a major goal of the program, and our program is meant to be intense. Interns should understand this and realize that 60+ hour weeks are not unusual. Many research projects, especially those dealing with live organisms, often require unusual time commitments (e.g., early mornings, extra long days) as well. Details of expectations will be discussed at orientation in the first week or with your faculty mentor before arriving.

Group ProjectAn additional event during the summer will be a group project. This will combine constructing theory using mathematical modeling software and some data collection/analysis in which interns work together to address a specific question. This project will occur early in the summer, typically the third week of the program.

Group SessionsAll REU participants will meet once a week to discuss general issues about ecological science. This will include subtleties of scientific methods, scientific ethics as they apply to data collection and publishing, the role of ecological science in public policy, science education, and careers in ecology. A specific schedule of topics will be available in Spring 2013 before the program begins.

HousingREU interns will be provided housing in one of the University dorms during the summer with the cost covered by the program.

FoodThere will be several options for meals, the cost of which will be subsidized at $120/week by the program. Food options include preparing meals in your room or on the dorm floor, using University meal services on campus, or eating out at the many choices of restaurants near campus.

TravelTravel during the 10 week session will be arranged in a variety of ways and will be provided by or subsidized by the program. Travel to and from Lexington will be the responsibility of the student.

FunInterns will not be collecting data 100% of the time—there will be time for some fun! The program will organize several group outings to areas of local interest during the summer. Hikes in local natural areas, attending minor league baseball, visiting horse farms, or attending a local museum are all possibilities. Free time will allow interns to explore events at the University of Kentucky or in the greater Lexington area.

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