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Tri Beta Honors Society

Tri Beta is an honors organization for undergraduates whose central purposes are the promotion of scholarship in the biological sciences and student participation in biological research. Tri Beta’s main goal is to create a community of like-minded biology students and help guide students through the undergraduate process. The benefits of participating in Tri Beta include:


Low Time Commitment

Research Opportunities and Grants

Biology Faculty Networking Events

Science Outreach and Volunteering Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Comprehensive test bank

Registration Advising


Regular Membership

Regular membership is primarily for biology majors.

For regular membership, students must have:

  • Completed at least one term of the second year of a four-year curriculum (second-semester sophomore)
  • Completed at least three biology courses, one of which should be above the introductory level
  • Earned a B average in those biology courses, have a B average across all courses, and be in good academic standing

Associate Membership

  • Associate membership is for those who are interested in the life sciences in some significant way but are ineligible for regular membership
  • Associate members shall be eligible to participate in all local, district, and national activities except those specifically reserved to regular members by this constitution.


In order to be formally inducted into the honor society you must meet all of the national membership requirements, as well as our chapter requirements, and pay a one time $75 lifetime membership fee which goes entirely to the national office to take care of your registration costs. This money will pay for Tri Beta graduation cords as well.

The fee is due on the date of your initiation, which usually takes place at the end of each spring semester. 

Tri Beta Application

For more information on Tri Beta, please contact our faculty sponsor, Dr. Seth Jones (