Claire O'Quin

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104B Thomas Hunt Morgan
Research Interests:
Courses Taught

Bio 148

Bio 152

Bio 398

Bio 425

Bio 111 (Lab Coordinator)


2014 Ph.D., Biology, University of Maryland. Dissertation: “The Genetic Basis of Pigment Pattern Differentiation in Lake Malawi African Cichlids” Advisor: Thomas D. Kocher

2010 M.S., Biology, The George Washington University. Thesis: “Ontogeny of the Cypriniform Pharyngeal Jaw Apparatus and its Associated Musculature”

2006 B.S., Biology-concentration in secondary education, Louisiana State University.

Research Interests
For both my PhD and postdoctoral work, I have investigated the underlying genetics of pigmentation patterning via QTL analyses. In my course based research experience class, Bio 398, we will be investigating the regeneration of pigment patterns in the tails of African cichlid fishes. 
Selected Publications: 

2018: Linnen CR, O'Quin CT, Shackleford T, Sears CR, Lindstedt C. Genetic Basis of Body Color and Spotting Pattern in Redheaded Pine Sawfly Larvae (Neodiprion lecontei). Genetics:  10.1534/genetics.118.300793 

2013: O’Quin CT, Drilea AC, Conte MA, Kocher TD. Pigment QTL detection using a new Metriaclima zebra anchored assembly. BMC Genomics 14:287.

2012: O’Quin CT, Drilea AC, Roberts RB, Kocher TD. A small number of genes underlie male pigmentation traits in Lake Malawi cichlid fishes. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution 318: 199-208.

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