04/24/14 Biology Department Seminar “How Genomes Respond to Foreign Information” Professor of Pathology and Genetics Stanford University faculty hosts: Drs.... @ 116 T.H. Morgan
Andrew Fire, PhD
04/25/14 Ecolunch Ecolunch is held in the Kuehne Conference Room of the ... @ Kuehne Conference Room of the Ecological Research Building
04/29/14 Biology Graduate Student Research Talks @ 116 TH Morgan Bldg.
Mansi Sethi
04/30/14 Biology Undergraduate Research Showcase The Department of Biology Undergraduate Research Showcase is scheduled for... @ TH Morgan 2nd floor
05/01/14 Biology Department Seminar "Introgression in westslope cutthroat trout: a case study in conservation genomics" University of Idaho Department Host: Scott Hotaling Sponsored by Department of... @ 116 T.H. Morgan Bldg.
Paul Hohenloe, PhD
05/10/14 Graduation Reception for Biology Majors The UK Department of Biology invites you and your family to attend a Reception... @ Thomas Hunt Morgan
04|14|14 - Sullivan Award Winners Announced for 2014 -

Three members of the Lexington community recently received the University of Kentucky's Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medallions for outstanding humanitarian service.

02|21|14 - UK Axolotl Symposium: Get to Know This Strange Salamander -

Day long symposium about Axolotls.

02|18|14 - 'Standing Up for the Mountains' Book Talk at UK -

Three University of Kentucky authors will present recent books about mountaintop removal mining, and the treasured landscapes and Appalachian communities that lie in its midst, at a book talk and signing Thursday, Feb. 27.

02|17|14 - UK's Impact on the Evolution of Evolution -

Kentucky students were introduced to evolutionary theory in 1900. Following the controversy of the 1920s, UK faculty, staff and alumni would play a key role in defending science education and academic freedom.

02|10|14 - Harvard Professor to Speak on 'Deep History' of Life on Earth -

Dr. Andrew H. Knoll will present "The Deep History of Life: What Kinds of Life Characterized Earth During the PRecambrian?" on Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. in Memorial Hall.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

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Teal, PE ;Jones, D.;Jones, G.;Torto, B ;Nyasembe, V ;Borgemeister, C ;Alborn, HT ;Kaplan, F ;Boucias, D ;Lietze, VU "Identification of methyl farnesoate from the hemolymph of insects." Journal of natural products 77, 2 (2014): 402-5. Details. Full text.
Cao, D.;Baskin, CC ;Baskin, JM ;Yang, F.;Huang, Z. "Dormancy cycling and persistence of seeds in soil of a cold desert halophyte shrub." Annals of botany 113, 1 (2014): 171-9. Details. Full text.
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Cassone, VM "Avian circadian organization: a chorus of clocks." Frontiers in neuroendocrinology 35, 1 (2014): 76-88. Details. Full text.
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