03/23/15 - Joint Mathematics and Biology Colloquium
, Lou Gross, University of Tennesse Knoxville @

in White Hall Classroom Building Room 110

12|18|14 - UK Students Win Kentucky Academy of Science Research Competitions -

Thirteen University of Kentucky students took home top honors at the Kentucky Academy of Science 100th Annual Meeting in November, including eight students in the College of Arts & Sciences.

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12|17|14 - Undergraduate Researchers Receive Oswald Awards -

The University of Kentucky Office for Undergraduate Research has presented 17 students with the Oswald Research and Creativity Program awards.

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11|21|14 - Undergraduate Assistants Help Freshmen Transition to Life as STEMCats -

Undergraduate instructional assistants within one of the university's newest Living Learning Programs, STEMCats, use their past experiences to mentor incoming UK students.

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11|19|14 - Biology Professor Helps Bring New York-based Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Therapeutics Company to Lexington -

Gismo Therapeutics Inc., a New York-based biotech startup, has recently relocated its company to the University of Kentucky Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center, a business incubator housing new and emerging technology-based companies on UK’s campus.

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10|01|14 - Stanford Biologist to Speak on 'Stem Cell Fate and Function' -

Helen Blau, director of Stanford University's Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology, will deliver the sixth annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture, presented by the University of Kentucky Department of Biology.

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Recent Publications (PubMed)

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Brady, CM ;Asplen, MK ;Desneux, N ;Heimpel, GE ;Hopper, KR ;Linnen, CR ;Oliver, KM ;Wulff, JA ;White, JA "Worldwide populations of the aphid Aphis craccivora are infected with diverse facultative bacterial symbionts." Microbial ecology 67, 1 (2014): 195-204. Details. Full text.
Gawriluk, TR ;Ko, C ;Hong, X ;Christenson, LK ;Rucker EB, 3rd "Beclin-1 deficiency in the murine ovary results in the reduction of progesterone production to promote preterm labor." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111, 40 (2014): E4194-203. Details. Full text.
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