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07|01|15 - UK Places 84 Student-athletes on SEC Academic Honor Roll -

Student-athletes from all eight of Kentucky's spring sports teams combined to earn a total of 84 spots on the Southeastern Conference Spring Academic Honor Roll, Commissioner Greg Sankey announced on Tuesday.

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05|26|15 - UK Hosts Eminent Dutch Scientist at Regional Chronobiology Conference -

The University of Kentucky Department of Biology welcomed researchers from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky, as well as renowned Dutch scientist Serge Daan

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05|13|15 - First Annual UK Postdoctoral Symposium -

They conduct lab research and teach classes, but they are neither faculty nor graduate students. Postdoctoral scholars, or postdocs, serve an important role at UK, a research institution. However, they are scattered across various departments and have not always had an opportunity to meet and share their work.

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05|08|15 - Three UK Students Awarded Undergraduate Research Abroad Scholarships -

Three University of Kentucky students have received the Undergraduate Research Abroad Scholarship (UGRAS), which will support their international independent research projects during the 2015 summer session.

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05|07|15 - Early Passion for Science, Medicine Puts UK Grad on Fast Track to Medical School -

Two seems to be a lucky number for graduating senior Sibi Rajendran, of Frankfort, Kentucky.

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Yang, F.;Baskin, JM ;Baskin, CC ;Yang, X.;Cao, D.;Huang, Z. "Effects of germination time on seed morph ratio in a seed-dimorphic species and possible ecological significance." Annals of botany 115, 1 (2015): 137-45. Details. Full text.
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