Sarah Calve, Ph.D. Biology Seminar - “Three dimensional imaging of the extracellular matrix during tissue assembly” Hosted by Dr. Ashley Seifert  @ THM 116
Chris Amemiya, Ph.D. Biology Seminar - "The Coelacanth Genome and its Value for Evodevo Inference" Hosted by Dr. Jeremiah Smith  @ THM 116
Dr. Steve Yanoviak - University of Louisville Eco-Lunch "Functional Ecology in the Rainforest Canopy: Lightning, Lianas and Ants" @ 305/308 T.H. Morgan Bldg
Gil Rosenthal, Ph.D. Biology Seminar Hosted by Dr. Craig Sargent. @ THM 116
Dr. Gill Rosenthal - Texas A&M University Eco-Lunch @ 305/308 T.H. Morgan Bldg.
Howard Whiteman, Ph.D. Biology Seminar Hosted by Dr. Phil Crowley. @ THM 116
Dr. Howard Whiteman - Murray State University Eco-Lunch - Topic: Slamander Life History @ 305/308 T.H. Morgan Bldg.
TBD Biology Seminar @ THM 116
Kat Sasser - University of Kentucky Dept. of Biology Eco-Lunch @ 305/308 T.H. Morgan Bldg.
Michael W. Young, Ph.D. Thomas Hunt Morgan Seminar Series, Part I Hosted by Dr. Randal Voss. @ THM 116
Michael W. Young, Ph.D. Thomas Hunt Morgan Seminar Series, Part II Hosted by Dr. Randal Voss. @ W.T. Young Library Auditorium
Lucia Carbone, Ph.D. Biology Seminar Hosted by Dr. Jeremiah Smith. @ THM 116
08|18|15 - UK Part of Consortium Awarded $6 Million NSF Grant for Brain Imaging -

The National Science Foundation has awarded $6 million to researchers in Kentucky, Oklahoma and Rhode Island to develop innovative and broadly accessible brain imaging technologies to provide insight into how the nervous system functions in health and disease.

- more...
08|05|15 - FastTrack, FOCUS Programs Position Students Ahead of the Success Curve -

Started in the summer of 2012 as an intensive “boot camp” to help University of Kentucky’s new students prepare for college-level calculus, the FastTrack program has become an integral part of efforts to help students transition to the college classroom.

- more...
07|09|15 - UK Alumna Hopes to Break Record, do Environmental Work While 'Paddling On' the Mississippi - University of Kentucky alumna Alyssum Pohl, a 2004 biology graduate and former Gaines Fellow, has embarked on a journey from source to sea kayaking the Mississippi River while documenting water pollution. - more...
07|01|15 - UK Places 84 Student-athletes on SEC Academic Honor Roll - Student-athletes from all eight of Kentucky's spring sports teams combined to earn a total of 84 spots on the Southeastern Conference Spring Academic Honor Roll, Commissioner Greg Sankey announced on Tuesday. - more...
05|26|15 - UK Hosts Eminent Dutch Scientist at Regional Chronobiology Conference - The University of Kentucky Department of Biology welcomed researchers from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky, as well as renowned Dutch scientist Serge Daan - more...
05|13|15 - First Annual UK Postdoctoral Symposium - They conduct lab research and teach classes, but they are neither faculty nor graduate students. Postdoctoral scholars, or postdocs, serve an important role at UK, a research institution. However, they are scattered across various departments and have not always had an opportunity to meet and share their work. - more...
05|08|15 - Three UK Students Awarded Undergraduate Research Abroad Scholarships - Three University of Kentucky students have received the Undergraduate Research Abroad Scholarship (UGRAS), which will support their international independent research projects during the 2015 summer session. - more...
05|07|15 - Early Passion for Science, Medicine Puts UK Grad on Fast Track to Medical School - Two seems to be a lucky number for graduating senior Sibi Rajendran, of Frankfort, Kentucky. - more...
05|04|15 - STEMCats End Spring Semester Strong with Research - In the fall of 2014, a group of 235 incoming students became the first class of STEMCats at the University of Kentucky. This week, they are not only wrapping up their first year at UK - more...

Recent Publications (PubMed)

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Barham, HP ;Osborn, JL ;Snidvongs, K ;Mrad, N ;Sacks, R.;Harvey, RJ "Remodeling changes of the upper airway with chronic rhinosinusitis." International forum of allergy & rhinology 5, 7 (2015): 565-72. Details.
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D'Angelo, AD ;Ray, RD ;Jenewein, CG ;Jones, GF ;Pugh, CM "Residents' perception of skill decay during dedicated research time." The Journal of surgical research (2015): Details. Full text.
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