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Biology News

Extavour Seminar

Dr. Cassandra Extavour | Faculty Hosts: Drs. Linnen and Seifert
THM 116

Garcia Seminar

Dr. Ben Garcia | Faculty Host: Dr. Elizabeth Duncan
THM 116

Laskowski Seminar

Dr. Kate Laskowski | Faculty Host: Dr. David Westneat
THM 116

Turek Seminar

Dr. Fred Turek | Faculty Host: Dr. Vincent Cassone
THM 116

Wolkovich Seminar

Dr. Elizabeth Wolkovich | Faculty Host: Dr. Jake Ferguson
THM 116

Glasper Seminar

Dr. Erica Glasper | Faculty Host: Drs. Jessica Santollo and Eve Schneider
THM 116

Rogers Seminar

Dr. Crystal Rogers | Faculty Host: Dr. Ann Morris & DEI Committee
THM 116

Bisson Seminar

Dr. Alex Bisson | Faculty Host: Dr. Ashely Seifert
THM 116

Schumer Seminar

Dr. Molly Schumer | Faculty Host: Dr. Catherine Linnen
THM 116

Ramirez-Barahona Seminar

Dr. Santiago Ramirez-Barahona | Faculty Host: Dr. Rosana Zenil-Ferguson
THM 116

Recent PubMed Publications

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"Cerium dioxide, a Jekyll and Hyde nanomaterial, can increase basal and decrease elevated inflammation and oxidative stress." Nanomedicine : nanotechnology, biology, and medicine 43, (2022): 102565.
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