Eco-Lunch:"Cooperation in courtship: a demographic perspective on reporductive cooperation"

Eco-Lunch: "Embryonic Plasticity in the House Sparrow"

Graduate Research Talks:

Graduate Research Talks:

Graduate Research Talks:“Polycomb and PGR: Using new imaging methods to investigate programmed DNA elimination”

Graduate Research Talks:“Ubiquitin-proteasomal degradation control of photoreceptors differentiation in zebrafish (Danio rerio)”

Graduate Research Talks:“New insights into the circadian clock of Klebsiella aerogenes”

Graduate Research Talks: “The role of Sox4 in zebrafish eye development”

11th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture Series (Public Talk) - From Darwin to DNA: the Genetics of Natural Behavior

Biology Seminar - The trouble with traits: complications in the study of mate choice in bird subject to extreme sexual selection

Biology Seminar - Estrogens in heat: estrogen-sensitive nodes of thermoregulatory neural circuits

Biology Seminar - ERK1/2 signals: holding onto the Shoc2 scaffold

11th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture Series (Scientific Lecture) - A Tale of Tails: the Genetics, Development and Morphology of Climbing in Deer Mice

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