Panel Discussion: Perspectives on Creation and Evolution

Eco Lunch: "Change yourself or change your location - the generation of biodiversity within the pan-African radiation of Hyperolius frogs"

Eco Lunch "Kentucky's Crayfishes: What Good Are They? And What Can We Do For Them?"

Eco Lunch: "Behavioral impacts of limb loss after autotomy mediated by shelter availability and predation cues in the red swamp crawfish"

Graduate Research Talks

Graduate Research Talks

Graduate Research Talks

Graduate Research Talks

Graduate Research Talks

Graduate Research Talks: "A two-step regulation of Pax2 gene expression ensures proper optic fissure closure"

Graduate Research Talks: "The role of host adaptation in driving speciation of Neodiprion pine sawflies"

Graduate Research Talks: "Evolution and Function of Genomic Regions Targeted by Programmed Genome Rearrangement"

Graduate Research Talks: "Her9 is essential for neural crest cell and retinal development"

Biology Seminar - Evolutionary dynamics at the cusp of speciation - investigations into the "sort of" species of Galápagos finches

Biology Seminar - Extreme Color Vision

Biology Seminar - Neuroendocrine Regulation of Juvenile and Adolescent Development

Biology Seminar - RNA sequencing in intact cells for characterizing rare cellular variants

Biology Seminar - There and Back Again: Discoveries in Regenerative Biology

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