November 1 - Monday - Last day for filing an application for a December 2021 undergraduate or graduate degree online in myUK

PhD Dissertation Seminar: Understanding the Effects of Embryonic Hyperglycemia on Retinal Cell Development and Maintenance”

Graduate Students Research Talks

Graduate Students Research Talks

Graduate Student Research Talks

Graduate Student Research Talks

Graduate Student Research Talks: Dr. Sumanth Manohar

Graduate Student Research Talks: “Evolutionary genetics and speciation: lessons from Madagascar’s tenrecs”

Graduate Student Research Talks: “Forensic Biology and DNA Analysis”

Graduate Student Research Talks: “A comparison of microeukaryotic and prokaryotic communities in the lemur gut microbiome”

Biology Seminar - Immune system optimization in a variable world

Biology Seminar - Overview of Aquaculture, Research and Extension of the Kentucky State University Aquaculture Program, and the Nile Tilapia Capacity Building Extension Project

Biology Seminar - Unraveling a neural crest differentiation signature during peripheral nervous system development

Biology Seminar - The diversity and evolution of visual systems across the frog tree of life

Biology Seminar - Response to Rapid Environmental Change:  Consequences for Adaptation, Divergence, and Species Interactions

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