PhD Defense Seminar: “A Comparative Study of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Between the House Mouse (Mus musculus) and African Spiny Mouse (Acomys cahirinus)”

Research Talks

Research Talks: "Circadian clock of Enterobacter aerogenes"

Research Talks: " Estrogen Regulation of Daily Metabolic Rhythms in Female Mice "

Research Talks: "Inflammation: setting the stage for tissue regeneration"

Research Talks: “Behavioral Strategies for Managing Uncertainty in Passer domesticus”

Research Talks: “Characterization of Events Downstream of JAK/STAT Signaling in Spermiogenesis”

Biology Seminar - "Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in Galapagos"

Biology Seminar - "Fishing for Mechanisms of Progression and Relapse in Pediatric Cancer"

Biology Seminar - "Pattern and Punishment: Regeneration of the Plant Root Meristem"

BIO 601 Seminar - “Phylogenomics and the Procrustean Bed of the Species Tree”

Biology Seminar - "Drought, Dispersal, and Community Dynamics in Arid-Land Streams"

Biology Seminar "New Insights Into Ecosystem Processes and Global Change Based on the Physiological Ecology of Mosses"

Biology Seminar - "From Genes to Behavior: The Genetic and Neural Basis of Female Mate Preference"

EcoLunch: "Hurry up and wait: life history and ecology of an intermittent stream specialist (Mesocapnia arizonensis)"

EcoLunch: "Coping with uncertainty: personality and plasticity in Passer domesticus."

44th Annual Naff Symposium

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