Recruitment Seminar - Scaling from traits to ecosystems properties: towards a mechanistic understanding of forest function

Recruitment Seminar - Seasonal Timing in Birds: Cues and mechanisms of reproduction and migration

Recruitment Seminar: Investigating the Macroevolutionary Dynamics of Diverse Lineages using Squamate Reptiles

Recruitment Seminar - Ecological Dynamics and Biodiversity Patterns in Diverse Communities

Recruitment Seminar - The processes that drive diversification and convergence in insectivorous bats

Recruitment Seminar - Toward a metabolic theory of life history and demography

Recruitment Seminar - Timing Life: Mechanisms of Seasonality

Recruitment Seminar - Circannual rhythms: from molecular mechanisms to ecological consequences

Recruitment Seminar - Using novel environmental signals to detect change, from experimental streams to pristine Arctic watersheds

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