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H Yi

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Chen, X. ., Yi, H. ., Liu, S. ., Zhang, Y. ., Su, Y. ., Liu, X. ., … Li, G. . (2021). Probiotics Improve Eating Disorders in Mandarin Fish (<i>Siniperca chuatsi</i>) Induced by a Pellet Feed Diet via Stimulating Immunity and Regulating Gut Microbiota. Microorganisms, 9(6). (Original work published 2021)
Lü, J. ., Yi, H. ., Tan, D. ., Baskin, C. ., & Baskin, J. . (2022). Germination of Seeds from Flowers along a Continuum of Long to Short Styles in the Cold Desert Perennial Herb <i>Ixiolirion songaricum</i>. Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 11(11). (Original work published 2022)