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Biology Scholars Program

Any Biology major working toward the requirements below is considered a Biology Scholar.  Any student who completes the below requirements earns Biology Departmental Honors and will be recognized at graduation, receive a certificate from the department, and have this designation noted on their transcript. 

  1. Complete 6 hours of Independent Research (BIO 394, BIO 395, BIO 397, or BIO 398).
  2. Have an overall 3.5 GPA upon graduation.
  3. Complete two biology scholars courses or two 400G*, 500 or 600** level Biology (BIO) courses, or a combination of a BIO scholars course and a 400G/500/600 BIO course. 
  4. Publically present your research results or write a thesis. Presentations can take many forms such as a talk or poster at a professional meeting or to some other group larger than a research lab. The University hosts an undergraduate research poster session late in each Spring semester.  A thesis is also acceptable (see UK thesis guidelines); contact DUS for more information on the thesis.
  5. Complete the Biology Scholars Application during the semester of your planned graduation. 
    Deadline to apply for December graduation: October 15
    Deadline to apply for May and August graduation: March 15

*To receive Scholars credit for a 400G course, you must complete the “G”, or graduate level, course requirements. Inform your instructor that you would like to use the course as a Scholars course and submit written verification from them that you completed the "G" requirements of the course.

**600 level courses require special permission to register. Complete the “Undergraduate Enrollment in a Graduate-Level Course” form.

All courses used to satisfy Biology Scholars requirements must be taken for a letter grade and must have the BIO prefix (i.e. must be a Biology course) (BCH courses will NOT count).

For additional information, please email