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BIO 529- Developmental Biology
This course provides an introduction to the principles of developmental biology, particularly of animals, including genetic and environmental control of development at the molecular, cellular, and physiological levels. Prereq: BIO 304 or graduate standing in life sciences or consent of instructor. BIO 529 is an upper level elective for the undergraduate Biology major.

BIO 621-Advanced Genetic Analysis
This course focuses on the application of contemporary genetic analysis, such as the use of mutagenesis and other gene-specific manipulations, use of genome-wide genetic approaches, and use of quantitative analysis, to understand biological processes.  The emphasis of the course is on experimental approaches using model eukaryotes, relying on scientific literature and web resources. Prereq: BIO 304 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

BIO 425- Biology Seminar
This seminar develops effective analysis, presentation, and discussion skills required of Biology majors by exploring various life science topics of interest to faculty and students.