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Biology Graduate Student Association

The Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) is the organization that represents the graduate students in the Department of Biology.  BGSA representatives participate in department activities and advocate for student positions on matters within the department and university.  The BGSA organizes events throughout the year, including Graduate Recruitment Day in January.

Come check out what the BGSA is up to on: The BGSA website or the Twitter and Instagram

BGSA Officers for 2024-2025

President: Kimberly Cook 
Vice President: Sarah Stasel
Treasurer: Aaron West 
Secretary: Hansika Herath 
Recruitment: Tori Alvord
Social Affairs and Outreach: Jakeb Watts and Kristen Hillegass
Seminar Committee Representatives: Tasha Sweeny
Graduate Student Congress (GSC) Representatives: Kaan Eskut and Kasturi Rajandran
Graduate Affairs Committee Representative: Dara Buendia Castillo 
Master's Student Affairs Rep: Ian Connelly 
International Student Affairs Rep: Tanja Rojas, Saima Rahman and Sajina Dhungel

Post-Doc Affairs Rep: TBD

Biology Director of Graduate Studies: Dr. Jessica Santollo
BGSA Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Van Cleve
Biology Graduate Program Manager: Jacqueline J. Burke