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Travel Support for Biology Graduate Students

Biology Graduate Student Travel Awards

The Biology Graduate Program is pleased to provide support for student travel. Biology graduate students (Plan A M.S. and Ph.D.) may apply for funds to help cover the costs of travel to present their research at conferences. Presenting your work provides a number of benefits to you, the Department and the Graduate Program. Our funding policy seeks to maximize those benefits by emphasizing support for students presenting at well-attended national and international meetings.

We have adopted the following funding policy for all travel awards. First, students are eligible for ONE travel award per budget year (July 1-June 30). As of now, short courses and meetings are funded out of the same pool, so students cannot get awards for both within one year. Second, students must be presenting their work (poster or talk) to qualify for a travel award. Third, the following formula will be used to determine each award (given sufficient available funds): we will cover up to $600 of allowable expenses and then 30% of the remaining balance, with a cap of $1,000 per request. Additional funds may be granted for unique conferences or opportunities at the discretion of the DGS.

To apply, students should prepare a full budget (see below for allowable costs) and list other potential sources of funding. Ideally, Biology Graduate Program funds will be part of a package of funds from multiple sources, including funds provided by the student’s mentor and any travel awards from the meeting organizers.

Please see the information below for an overview of the travel process. For a detailed document on the process, see Graduate Student Travel Instructions and Tips

Biology Graduate Student Travel Process

Step 1 (Pre-Travel). Submit Travel Support Request to request support from the graduate program.

Step 2 (Pre-Travel). Create a Travel Ticket through the A&S Business Website.

Step 3 (Post-Travel). Submit receipts to the travel ticket for reimbursements.


Students MUST submit a travel support request, including a detailed budget, to the DGS before any travel occurs or any significant expenses (other than registration) are incurred. We ask students to make every effort to minimize travel costs (e.g., by sharing a hotel room) to help ensure that our travel funds can cover all student requests.

Prior to making any travel arrangements (flight, hotel reservations, etc.) students must complete these steps:

  • student completes an A&S Travel Request Form on the A&S Business Center website by logging in with students linkblue ID (a triage ticket is created - please make sure Jacqueline Burke and Jessica Santollo are associated with (tagged on) the ticket). Be sure to submit this travel ticket BEFORE YOU TRAVEL.

*indicate on form under "additional travel information" that you have applied for Biology Travel Support. Also indicate if your PI is providing any Travel Support. *

Student will be responsible for maintaining correct documentation to receive reimbursement at the return of travel.

Be sure to keep receipts for your expenses. Receipts must be originals. Food receipts must be itemized; no alcohol will be reimbursed. Receipts for airfare, registration and hotel must show the payment method (e.i. that your card has been charged). You may be reimbursed for public transportation (to/from hotel, airport, and conference site), taxis, parking, and baggage fees, etc.

***all receipts must be itemized, shows method of payment (zero balance), and amount***

  • Meals: Students must retain original itemized receipts (showing food & drink-no alcohol or miscellaneous items showing on receipts).
  • Registration Fee Only - Return receipt showing total amount, method of payment and zero balance.
  • Lodging: Return with a receipt showing a zero balance and method of payment. ONLY room and tax. Shared lodging will be reimbursed at a pro-rated share of the room charge. Notify the hotel at check-in that each will require a receipt with the individual’s name on it.
  • Incidentals: Save itemized receipts (taxi, parking, etc.)
  • Rental Car: Return receipt with total and method of payment (additional insurance is not covered). Save itemized gas receipts.
  • Personal Car: Save gasoline receipts.

**If you are traveling anywhere outside the 48 contiguous states, Alaska or Hawaii, or to US territories, you must register your trip in the university's international travel registry.  If you have questions concerning the registration after viewing the site, please contact

All students are required to register with the UK International Center before departure, pursuant to AR 4:9.

It is especially important that students register planned trips to countries or regions under Level 3 or 4 Department of State Advisories as soon as possible. The AR prohibits student travel to such destination countries without the completion of a required review process and the approval of the Associate Provost for Internationalization and dean of the college.


As soon as you return from travel, please update the Travel Ticket you created. Promptly submit any receipt for which you are seeking reimbursement to A&S Business Center 361 Jacobs Science Bldg. Travel Return Forms must be submitted within 30 days from the return date of travel to allow for proper processing.