Who do I go to for....

Jacqueline Burke

Senior Department Manager - Department Manager Lead

(Room 101C, 859-257-7140)

Faculty Focus

  • Faculty/Staff Payroll
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • PTI/FTI/Visiting Scholar/Post-Doc Appointments
  • Coordinate FMER process
  • Promotion/Tenure Dossiers
  • Faculty Reviews and Reappointments
  • Effort Planning - Distribution of Effort (DOE) 
  • New Hires/Work Study assignments
  • Biology Department Budget

Graduate Program Focus

  • Graduate/TA Payroll
  • Graduate School Appointment Forms
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Graduate Travel
  • Graduate Mini Pilot Ribble Grants
  • TA Credentials Database
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Student Ribble Scholarship SAG Forms
  • LCT Forms

Kristina Morgan

Department Manager Associate

(Room 101F)

  • Seminar Coordination
  • ​Biology Department Weekly Newsletter 
  • Faculty Meeting Minutes
  • Electronic Signage Content/Updates
  • Chair Support
  • Office Supply Ordering
  • Biology Event Coordinator
  • Works with Sr. Department Manager with various projects for department
  • Updates Biology website on seminars, events and newsletter
  • Travel Arrangements for visitors to Biology Department









Soma Chakraborty Patra

Department Manager 

(Room 101B, 859-562-2921)

Undergraduate Program Focus

  • Undergraduate Program Webpage
  • Undergraduate List-Serv Announcements
  • Textbook Coordination
  • Exam Scantrons Contact
  • Syllabi Collection
  • Undergraduate Course Overrides
  • Pink sheeting courses
  • Canvas page monitoring
  • K-week, showcase Undergraduate Research events & tabling
  • Adding users to for copier access
  • Independent Research Course Coordination
  • Updating listserv

Graduate Program Focus

  • TA Observations/Evaluations Coordination
  • TCE Coordinator Support
  • DUS and DGS admin Support
  • Proctor Schedule
  • Room Scheduling
  • Assists Associate Chair and Sr. Department Manager with various projects
  • Assists DGS with Graduate Orientation, TA Orientation and Language Screening 
  • Graduate Recruitment Support
  • Graduate Program co-ordination for exam cards, committee meetings, qualifiers & dissertations









George White

(Room 106, 859-257-0512)

Mike Adams

(Room 106, 859-257-8898)

  • Facilities
  • New Phone Requests