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Who do I go to for....

Jacqueline Burke

Department Manager Senior - Department Manager Lead

(Room 101C, 859-257-7140)

Faculty Affairs

  • Faculty Recruitment
  • PTI/FTI/Visiting Scholar/Post-Doc Appointments
  • Coordinate FMER process
  • Promotion/Tenure Dossiers
  • Faculty Reviews and Reappointments
  • Effort Planning - Distribution of Effort (DOE) 
  • Onboarding of new faculty


  • Department Payroll - Faculty/Staff Payroll/Graduate Student
  • Oversee Biology Department Budgets
  • Point of contact for Business Unit
  • New Staff and Student Hires/Work Study assignments 

Departmental Support

  • Lead Department Manager - Manage the daily workflow and operations of the department/program 
  • Biology Department TCE Coordinator
  • Assist faculty as needed with submission of Concur travel reports and Triage tickets
  • Maintain departmental files and records in accordance with university retention schedule
  • Onboarding New Staff 
  • Manage special projects and special events as needed by the department

Graduate Program Support (all things financial)

  • Graduate/TA Payroll
  • Graduate School Appointment Forms
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Graduate Travel
  • Graduate Mini Pilot Ribble Grants
  • TA Credentials Database
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Student Ribble Scholarship SAG Forms
  • LCT Forms



        Kristina Morgan

        Department Manager Senior

        (Room 101 D, 859-257-3804)

        Biology Events

        • Seminar Coordination
        • Biology Event Coordinator
        • Travel and Lodging Arrangements for visitors to Biology Department


        • Social Media Management
        • Biology Department Weekly and Annual Newsletter 
        • Assists with:
          • Alumni
          • Donors
          • Biology Philanthropy

        Departmental Support

        • Chair Support
        • Updates Biology website on seminars, events and newsletter
        • Faculty Meeting Minutes
        • Office Supply Ordering

        Graduate Program

        • Assists DGS with Graduate Orientation, TA Orientations and Language Screening
        • Graduate Recruitment Coordinator
        • Graduate Program POC for exam cards, committee meetings forms, qualifiers & dissertations
        • Degree Audits
        • Key Dates and Important Deadline Announcements
        • TA Observations/Evaluations Coordination


          Soma Chakraborty Patra

          Department Manager Associate

          (Room 101B, 859-562-2921)

          Biology Undergraduate Program

          DUS Support

          • Group Advising: Create poll, allot time slots to faculties, arrange room, sent canvas & list serv announcements, generate QR code for student sign up, display signage
          • Undergraduate Resource email – help DUS monitor
          • Undergraduate List-Serv Announcements
          • Assists DUS with K-week.
          • Biology Department handout folders for prospective students: Make 6-10 copies each week for DUS
          • DUS/BUSA workshops: Create ticket, get Procard, purchase items, upload tickets
          • Add/ delete/ update users & contents in Biology Majors listserv and Biology Majors Canvas shell

          Course Scheduling and Management

          • Undergraduate Course Overrides
          • Academic Course classroom & exam rooms scheduling
          • Pink sheeting courses
          • Class cancellations & reaching out to students in cancelled courses/ sections to disenroll
          • Co-ordinating with A&S Scheduling for course catalog updates
          • Obtain Exam dates from faculties
          • Biology Independent Research Course Tracking: BIO 394, BIO 395, BIO 397, BIO 398

          Ribble, Scholars, and Graduation

          • Undergraduate Ribble Scholarship
          • Biology Departmental Scholars Program: Tally GPA, courses, credits through myUK
          • Undergraduate Graduation Reception – RSVP Web Form, create honor certificates, provide names of Ribble Award Winners being recognized, send out graduating ceremony invite via undergraduate list serv.  (Work with DUS and Senior DM)
          • Textbook Contact for Biology - (department contact if needed)
          • Syllabi Collection (first week of each semester)


          • STEM- CATS: room reservations, updating website work with scheduling
          • Proctor Schedule Coordinator
          • Co-ordinate for missed proctor assignments
          • UG Focus Group Alzheimer’s patients meet room co-ordinations

          Neuroscience Program Support 

          • Support for Neuroscience Program and Director
          • Neuroscience Graduation Reception - (work with Director, DUS and Senior DM)

          Departmental Support

          • Room Scheduling (lab meetings, meetings, qualifiers, dissertation, speaker meet etc.)
          • Biology Learning Center schedule updates on department website
          • BLC hours tracking & weekly emails
          • Updating Biology controlled room google calendar & link it to our website
          • Electronic Signage Content/Updates
          • New door signages
          • FERPA/ SLCM accesses for new faculties & students
          • Apple TV reservations





            George White

            (Room 106, 859-257-0512)

            Mike Adams

            (Room 106, 859-257-8898)

            • Facilities
            • New Phone Requests