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Research Opportunities

A biology major remains one of the most flexible and in demand majors across disciplines, being widely applicable to both research and non-research entities. Whether your goal is to be a tenure- track professor with your own cohort of graduate students, a wildlife ecologist exploring the unexplored wilderness, or an industry scientist developing drug protocols, experiential education is a valuable component of your personal growth and discovery during your academic career. Obtaining research experience as an undergraduate allows you to hone in on your particular interests, while challenging you intellectually and personally. Professors and employers are consistently looking for highly motivated, passionate, students to join their labs or workforce. Obtaining research prior to graduation can provide skill sets that will be necessary for job placement in the future.

Yet how do you go about securing an internship or research project? Here we have provided a variety of resources that will allow you to explore the value of an undergraduate research experience, how to find one, and more importantly how to fund and/or budget properly to ensure success.