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Brandon Franklin
Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2017

I am a fifth year doctoral student in biology.  My research is focused on in vivo cellular dynamics during wound healing and tissue-regeneration.  Particularly, I am interested in how non-traditional ion channel signaling can influence cell behaviors such as macrophage activation/recruitment and mesenchymal cell proliferation.  I use Axolotl salamanders and human embryonic cell lines to investigate the physiological mechanisms and specific signaling pathways involved in facilitating these processes.  I am also involved in education research and our current project is investigating the effectiveness of various types of instruction at conveying complex physiological concepts to typically underachieving students.

Contact Information
University of Kentucky; Lexington, KY; B.S. in Biology; 2008-2011
Bluegrass Community and Technical College; Lexington, KY; A.S. in Polysomnographic Technology; 2006-2008
  • Biology