Jeramiah Smith

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  • Associate Professor
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Biology
200 Thomas Hunt Morgan
(859) 948-3674
Research Interests:

Postdoctoral Fellow, U. Washington Dept. Genome Sciences & Benaroya Res. Inst. at Virginia Mason (2007 - 2011)
University of Kentucky, Ph.D. in Biology, 2007
Colorado State University, M.S. in Biology, 2002
Black Hills State University, B.S. in Biology, cum laude, 1998








PubMed Publications*: 
  • Rodgers, AK ;Smith, JJ ;Voss, SR "Identification of immune and non-immune cells in regenerating axolotl limbs by single-cell sequencing." Experimental cell research 394, 2 (2020): 112149. Details. Full text
  • Smith, JJ ;Timoshevskiy, VA ;Saraceno, C "Programmed DNA Elimination in Vertebrates." Annual review of animal biosciences (2020): Details. Full text
  • Gómez, CM Arenas;Woodcock, MR ;Smith, JJ ;Voss, SR ;Delgado, JP "A <i>de novo</i> reference transcriptome for <i>Bolitoglossa vallecula</i>, an Andean mountain salamander in Colombia." Data in brief 29, (2020): 105256. Details. Full text
  • Nail, AN ;Smith, JJ ;Peterson, ML ;Spear, BT "Evolutionary Analysis of the Zinc Finger and Homeoboxes Family of Proteins Identifies Multiple Conserved Domains and a Common Early Chordate Ancestor." Genome biology and evolution 12, 3 (2020): 174-184. Details. Full text
  • Marks, RA ;Smith, JJ ;Cronk, Q ;Grassa, CJ ;McLetchie, DN "Genome of the tropical plant Marchantia inflexa: implications for sex chromosome evolution and dehydration tolerance." Scientific reports 9, 1 (2019): 8722. Details. Full text
  • Hockman, D ;Chong-Morrison, V ;Green, SA ;Gavriouchkina, D ;Candido-Ferreira, I ;Ling, ITC ;Williams, RM ;Amemiya, CT ;Smith, JJ ;Bronner, ME ;Sauka-Spengler, T. "A genome-wide assessment of the ancestral neural crest gene regulatory network." Nature communications 10, 1 (2019): 4689. Details. Full text
  • Herman, PE ;Papatheodorou, A ;Bryant, SA ;Waterbury, CKM ;, ;Arcese, AA ;Buxbaum, JD ;Smith, JJ ;Morgan, JR ;Bloom, O "Highly conserved molecular pathways, including Wnt signaling, promote functional recovery from spinal cord injury in lampreys." Scientific reports 8, 1 (2018): 742. Details. Full text
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  • Dillard, DA ;Avey, JP ;Robinson, RF ;Smith, JJ ;Beals, J ;Manson, SM ;Comtois, KA "Demographic, Clinical, and Service Utilization Factors Associated with Suicide-Related Visits among Alaska Native and American Indian Adults." Suicide & life-threatening behavior 47, 1 (2017): 27-37. Details. Full text
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