Kaylynne Glover

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  • PhD Candidate, Biology
  • Biology
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Research Interests:
My interests broadly encompasses the biology of what makes us human: our reproductive behavior, from signaling fertility to the underpinnings of sexually coercive behavior; our social structure and cultural systems and how biology influences our incredibly plastic behavior; and how we process information that may contradict our biases (and how to circumvent these biases). I'm also deeply interested at the intersection of science and the public and work actively in bridging the gap between seemingly disparate communities. 
Student Governance
President, Graduate Student Congress (2017-current)
Provost Blue-Ribbon Panel on Graduate Education (2017-current)
     Chair, Subcommitee on Graduate Student Experience
Secretary, Graduate Student Congress (2016-2017)


PhD University of Kentucky (In Progress)

MA Biology, Arkansas State University, 2010

BSE Life/Earth Science, University of Central Arkansas, Summa cum Laude 2007

Synergistic Activities

Co-host, "Faith Forward," Red Wolf Radio (2014-2015): Discussions on the intersection of science, religion and culture

Guest lecturers on Evolution and Religion: Arkansas State University (2011-2015), Jonesboro Ministry Alliance (2014)