Lakshmi Pillai-Kastoori

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  • Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2015
  • Biology

1. Master of Science, Life Sciences (Specialization Biotechnology), University of Mumbai, India, July 2005-June 2007
2. Bachelor of Science, Biotechnology, University of Mumbai, India. June 2002-July 2005


1.University of Kentucky, Molecular and Cellular Biology, August 2009-Current

 2.Master of Science, Life Sciences (Specialization Biotechnology), University of Mumbai, India, July     2005-June 2007

 3.Bachelor of Science, Biotechnology, University of Mumbai, India. June 2002-July 2005



The coordinated cell movements and the sequential induction of eye specific genes during early ocular development have been intensively studied. However, we do not yet fully understand how the structural and functional interactions between the cellular signals guide pattern formation at different stages of eye development. With an interest in elucidating the mechanisms that are involved in eye pattern formation, I am studying the role of the SRY-Box transcription factor, Sox11, during zebrafish visual system development.

                      I have shown that two zebrafish sox11 paralogs, sox11a, and sox11b, have overlapping yet distinct expression patterns in the developing eye.Furthermore, both transcripts are present in mitotic retinal progenitor cells as well as post-mitotic precursor cells. Knockdown of both sox11a and sox11b results in micropthalmia, delayed lens development, coloboma, and specific reduction of photoreceptor cells. My current research goals are to further characterize the mechanism of action of Sox11 during optic fissure closure and photoreceptor development.


Graduate Training

University of Kentucky, Molecular and Cellular Biology, August 2009-Current

Selected Publications: 


Lakshmi Pillai-Kastoori, Wen Wen, Stephen G. Wilson, Erin Strachan, Adriana Lo-Castro, Marco Fichera, Sebastiano A. Musumeci, Ordan J. Lehmann, and Ann C. Morris. Sox11 is required to maintain proper levels for Hedgehog signaling during vertebrate ocular morphogenesis. (2014) PLoS Genet. Jul 10;10(7):e1004491. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004491.


Morris AC, Forbes-Osborne MA, Pillai LS, Fadool JM. Microarray Analysis of XOPS-mCFP Zebrafish Retina Identifies Genes Associated with Rod Photoreceptor Degeneration and Regeneration. (2011). Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 52(5):2255-2266.


Lakshmi Pillai and Bhartiya D. Stem Cell Matters to the Heart. Nature India.doi:10.1038/nindia.2009.140; Published online 27 May 2009.


Kumar N, Hinduja I, Nagvenkar P, Pillai L, Agrawal P, Zaveri K, Mukadam L, Telang J, Desai S, Mangoli V, Mangoli R, Padgaonkar S, Kaur G, Puri C and Bhartiya D. (2009). Derivation and characterization of two genetically unique human embryonic stem cell lines on in-house derived human feeders. Stem Cells and Development, 18(3): 67-77.


PubMed Publications*: 
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