Melody Danley

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  • Senior Lecturer
  • Biology
  • Biology Education
153C Jacobs Science Building
(859) 257-1053

Bachelor of Science (1998) from University of California, Davis
Doctorate (2008) from West Virginia University


I currently teach BIO 152 Principles of Biology II (plant and animal diversity and physiology) and I also coordinate the BIO 350 Animal Physiology Laboratories.


I started conducting research as an undergraduate at UC Davis when I was awarded a small NSF research grant to examine the swimming performance and physiological stress responses of several inland fish species in California.  During my graduate studies I continued conducting research using fish as the model specie.  My research experiences included investigating the stress responses of fish exposed to elevated carbon dioxide, as well as more applied research looking at aspects of commecially raising fish for food. 

Most recently, my research focus has expanded to include investigating areas in science education, including the success of students in the classroom, and the variables that affect student learning (biology education).  I am currently investigating the effects of different styles of communicating student performance to biology students to determine if the different styles have significantly greater influences on student confidence, dissent, and/or performance. 


Selected Publications: 

Danley, ML.  2008.  Effects of the anesthetic AQUI-STM on three species of wild caught fishes from the San Joaquin Delta, California.   Doctoral Dissertation.  West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV. 

 Danley M, Kenney PB, Mazik PM, Kiser R, Hankins J. 2005.  Effects of carbon dioxide exposure on intensively cultured rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss: physiological responses, growth, and fillet attributes.  J World Aquaculture Society 36(3):249-261.

Jittinandana, S, PB Kenney, P Mazik, M Danley, C Nelson, R Kiser, and J Hankins.  2005.  Transport and stunning affect quality of Arctic char fillets.  Journal of Muscle Foods.

Danley, ML, SD Mayr, PS Young, and JJ Cech, Jr.  2002.  Swimming performance and physiological stress responses of splittail exposed to a fish screen.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 22:1241-1249

Danley, ML.  2001.  Growth and physiological responses of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss to elevated carbon dioxide: chronic and acute challenges. Master’s thesis. West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Danley, ML, AE Goodwin, and HS Killian.  1999.  Epizootics in farm-raised channel catfish, Ictalurus  punctatus (Rafinesque), caused by the enteric redmouth bacterium, Yersinia ruckeri.  Journal of Fish Diseases 22:451-456

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