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TH Morgan Building, Room 113B
Research Interests:

PhD (Biology), University of Kentucky
MS (Ecology), Salim Ali School of Ecology, Pondicherry University, India
BSc (Environmental Science),  St. Josephs College, Bangalore, India


I teach non-majors biology lecture (BIO 103) and a freshmen researh skills lab (BIO 155) for biology majors.

My training is in plant community and ecosystem ecologist. My research interests and experience span the ecology of disturbances, invasions and global change agents in grasslands. I aspire to apply ecological knowledge and theory to solve ecosystem degradation issues that warrant immediate restoration action. 

I have developed and implemented computer-based lessons that teach writing and reasoning skills to undergraduate in intro-level biology courses.I have also taught an undergraduate seminar BI0 425 titled Global Change. The readings for this seminar explores the most current and credible research on different global change issues ranging from global warming, sea level rise, biotic exchange, land use change and ecosystem carbon stocks to the debate surrounding expansion of biofuels.


My specific interests include: quantifying spread of plant invasions and evaluating methods of control, and monitoring ecological patterns and processes of plant communities in disturbed habitats.

Selected Publications: 

Srinivasan MP, Bhatia S and Shenoy K. Vegetation-environment relationships in a South Asian montane grassland ecosystem: restoration implications. Tropical Ecology, 56 (in press)

Srinivasan MP, Gleeson SK and Arthur MA. 2012 Short-term impacts of elevated nitrogen deposition on a montane grassland ecosystem in a South Asian biodiversity hotspot. Plant Ecology & Diversity, 5:289-299

Srinivasan MP. 2012 Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) invasion in the montane grasslands of the Nilgiris, south India: the potential role of fire as a restoration tool. Biological Invasions,14:1009-1028

Srinivasan MP, Kalita R, Gurung IK, Bhattacharjee SK, Antony PM, Krishnan S and Gleeson SK. 2012 Response of invasive shrub Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) to fire and simulated grazing in the montane grasslands of the Nilgiris, south India. Acta Oecologica, 38:41-48.

Srinivasan MP, 2011. The ecology of disturbances and global change in the montane grasslands of the Nilgiris, south India. PhD dissertation submitted to the University of Kentucky.

Srinivasan MP, Shenoy K and Gleeson SK. 2007. Population structure of Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) and its invasion impacts on the resident plant community in the grasslands of Nilgiris, India. Current Science, 93:1108-1113.

Courses taught

BIO 425-001 Global Change: The Science behind the Issues (Fall 2013)

BIO 425-005 Global Change: The Science behind the Issues (Spring 2013)

BIO 425-005 Global Change: The Science behind the Issues (Fall 2014)

BIO 425-003 Global Change: The Science behind the Issues (Spring 2015)