Nataliya Timoshevskaya

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  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Biology
200, TH Morgan
Research Interests:

Currently I am a postdoc in Dr. Jeramiah Smith's Lab and my research is focused on bioinformatics and more precisely on different computational aspects of new generation sequence analysis. Having my background in applied mathematics and computer science I was fascinated by the complexity of biological systems, that sometimes the most contemporary algorithms and computational resources can not overcome. I am involved in various projects that study the genomes of key vertebrate groups, including studies on genome rearrangements, sturctural variations, inter and inra species variations, sex determination. Because of the complexity and/or huge size of the genomes, traditional computers and approaches do not always work efficiently, so we are looking for alternative solutions, often engaging parallel computations and high performance computers.



Masters degree in Mathematics, Tomsk State University, Russia

Ph.D. Technical Sciences, Tomsk State University, Russia

PubMed Publications*: 
  • Timoshevskaya, N ;Voss, SR ;Labianca, CN ;High, CR ;Smith, JJ "Large-scale variation in single nucleotide polymorphism density within the laboratory axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)." Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists 250, 6 (2021): 822-837. Details. Full text
  • Keinath, MC ;Davidian, A ;Timoshevskiy, V ;Timoshevskaya, N ;Gall, JG "Characterization of axolotl lampbrush chromosomes by fluorescence in situ hybridization and immunostaining." Experimental cell research 401, 2 (2021): 112523. Details. Full text
  • Schloissnig, S ;Kawaguchi, A ;Nowoshilow, S ;Falcon, F ;Otsuki, L ;Tardivo, P ;Timoshevskaya, N ;Keinath, MC ;Smith, JJ ;Voss, SR ;Tanaka, EM "The giant axolotl genome uncovers the evolution, scaling, and transcriptional control of complex gene loci." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118, 15 (2021): Details. Full text
  • Hess, JE ;Smith, JJ ;Timoshevskaya, N ;Baker, C.;Caudill, CC ;Graves, D ;Keefer, ML ;Kinziger, AP ;Moser, ML ;Porter, LL ;Silver, G ;Whitlock, SL ;, "Genomic islands of divergence infer a phenotypic landscape in Pacific lamprey." Molecular ecology 29, 20 (2020): 3841-3856. Details. Full text
  • Hickner, PV ;Timoshevskaya, N ;Nowling, RJ ;Labbé, F ;Nguyen, AD ;McDowell, MA ;Spiegel, CN ;Syed, Z "Molecular signatures of sexual communication in the phlebotomine sand flies." PLoS neglected tropical diseases 14, 12 (2020): e0008967. Details. Full text
  • Timoshevskiy, VA ;Timoshevskaya, NY ;Smith, JJ "Germline-Specific Repetitive Elements in Programmatically Eliminated Chromosomes of the Sea Lamprey (<i>Petromyzon marinus</i>)." Genes 10, 10 (2019): Details. Full text
  • Smith, JJ ;Timoshevskaya, N ;Ye, C ;Holt, C.;Keinath, MC ;Parker, HJ ;Cook, ME ;Hess, JE ;, ;Lamanna, F ;Kaessmann, H ;Timoshevskiy, VA ;Waterbury, CKM ;Saraceno, C ;Wiedemann, LM ;Robb, SMC ;Baker, C.;Eichler, EE ;Hockman, D ;Sauka-Spengler, T.;Yandell, M.;Krumlauf, R.;Elgar, G.;Amemiya, CT "The sea lamprey germline genome provides insights into programmed genome rearrangement and vertebrate evolution." Nature genetics 50, 2 (2018): 270-277. Details. Full text
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