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Pete Mirabito

Research Interests:
Science Education

Ph.D. Univ. of Georgia, 1989


Current Research: Science Eduction

I'm interested in developing approaches to improve teaching and learning in the biological sciences, with an emphasis on promoting deep learning in genetics and molecular and cellular biology for college freshmen and sophomores.



BIO 304 Spring 2016

If you are taking BIO 304 in the Spring of 2016, all eight sections are using the same textbook and online homework system.  The textbook is Bowman and Sanders' Genetic Analysis: An Integrated Approach, 2nd edition.  The online homework system is Modified MasteringGenetics.  The cheapest way to go is to buy access to Modified MasteringGenetics with the etext but you can also buy bundles of the hardcopy of the book, the Modified MasteringGenetics with etext, and the Student Study Guide and Solutions manual.  You can also buy used copies of the textbook, but you will need to purchase access to Modified MasteringGenetics because all the homework is through that online system.

The Modified MasteringGenetics access can be purchased at this site and following the registration link.  My course ID for BIO 304 sections 003, 006, 007 and 008 is mirabito29134 .  You use that course ID to get to the correct product.  You can choose to purchase Modified MasteringGenetics with the etext, and you'll have all that you need.  If you just purchase Modified MasteringGenetics access for my course, then you'll need to get a textbook to help you learn.

Good luck getting set up for BIO 304 in the Spring.  If you are registered for BIO 304 sections 001, 002, 004 or 005, contact Dr. Brian Rymond for MasteringGenetics info.