Soma Chakraborty Patra

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  • Department Manager Associate
  • Biology
101 B Thomas Hunt Morgan

Education and Certifications:-

  • Master of Science – Botany (Genetics) major
  • Master of Business Administration - Marketing major
  • Six Sigma Champion Certification- Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University.
  • Leardersmark Leadership Certification- Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky.



  • A resourceful individual, who maintains a proactive attitude in any adverse condition.
  • A performance-driven individual with a passion for learning.
  • An exceptional leader with excellent planning, organizational & interpersonal skills.
  • I am looking forward to use my transferable skills in academia.


Areas of Expertise:-

  • Healthcare Pharmacy CS
  • Operations Management
  • Business Development
  • Product Promotion and Marketing
  • Business Review
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Office Management
  • Concept Selling
  • Key Account Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Leadership, Coaching, Training,
  • Recruiting, Interviewing
  • Business Administration
  • Issue Resolution


Work Experience:-

Senior Management (Conduent INC/ XEROX INC - Humana Pharmacy Healthcare) 

  • Supervising a team of 50 (direct report) advocates in assisting Humana Pharmacy Medicare members with prescription & maintenance drug refills, coordinating with prescribing physicians & PCPs, tracking Drug Recalls.
  • Initiating ADAAA & FMLA for tenured advocates.
  • Responsible for meeting Humana targets & metrics of VOC, NPS, PCM, Issue Resolution, Quality, Adherence, AHT & guidance alerts, for the SBU & Cost Center.
  • Responsibilities include but not limited to coaching & guiding associates, training, interviewing new hires & de-briefing associates in training & onboard inclusions.

Interacting with Humana Pharmacy Medicare members assisting them with prescription & maintenance drug refills, advising CII quantity limits & state regulations for controlled substances, coordinating with prescribing physicians & PCPs (primary care physicians), tracking Drug Recalls, MBO (manufacturers back order), DME (durable medical equipment) & Diabetic Supplies urgency for the elderly patients & population. Initiating Prior Authorizations for tier III, tier IV, tier V & Specialty medications, overrides on refill too soon, claims re-processing, pharmacists consultations for accuracy & safety pertaining to drug to drug interaction, packaging, manufacturers & active ingredients of drugs & coordinating with local pharmacies for short term fills.

Reporting inappropriate medication use, prescription drug & Opioid abuse amongst Older Adults, de-escalating issues consulting Grievance & Appeals, approving/ disapproving one-time courtesy in dispensing & re-shipping of life threatening drugs. Involving the suicide prevention team & 911 in case of emergencies. Using Humana sharepoint & Humana Pharmacy feedback loop to document & notate end user’s concerns. Documenting both positive & negative feedbacks.

Determining coverage for MA, PDP & MAPD (Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drugs) plans, OTC medications & itemized quarterly allowance, hospitalization & vaccination re-imbursements, advising in-network providers & pharmacies. Initiating ADAAA (The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act) to protect associates with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace (including ADD, ADHD, OCD & Schizophrenia) & providing them with the necessary accommodations as directed & FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act) for tenured associates

Promoting self-service options via website, IVR (interactive voice recording), automated prompts & mobile apps. Preferred Pharmacy providing cost sharing, language line & interpreter services availability, advising member assistance program & low income subsidies, co-pay waivers & coverage gap, TrOOP & MOOP, adhering to business ethics & compliance, building a trusting relationship in caring about end user’s health outcomes, upkeep with the constantly changing & new developments in the world of medicine.

Also responsible for meeting Humana targets & metrics of VOC (Voice Of The Customer), NPS (Net Promoter Score), PCM (Perfect Call Metrics), Issue Resolution, Associate Satisfaction & Knowledge, maintaining Courtesy, Quality, adherence, AHT & guidance alerts, for the SBU & Cost Center. Responsibilities include but not limited to coaching & guiding associates to reach goals, training as & when needed for any/ all Humana updates, interviewing new hires, & de-briefing associates in training & onboard inclusions.


Lead, Marketing and Business Development (Sears INC)

  • Marketing, merchandising and sales.
  • Interviewing new hires and training MCA’s


Business Development Manager (KOHLER India Corp)

  • Account outreach & contract closure for Eastern & North East India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
  • Leading the team for business development in Eastern India
  • Quoting & negotiating with real estate developers & builders
  • Co-coordinating with Architects for product specifications in the BOQs


Regional Manager (Durabuild Technologies Pvt Ltd)   

  • Positioned Durabuild Aluminum Composite Material in all the major construction projects in Eastern India.
  • Contact, meet & work closely with architects, interior designers & aluminum fabricators in Eastern India


Area Manager (Gold Plus Glasses India Ltd)

  • Incorporated and strengthened presence of Gold Plus brand of Toughened glasses in Eastern and North Eastern India.


Awards and Recognitions:-

  • Best performer of the year (2004): Gold Plus Glasses India Ltd.
  • Best performer of the year (2005): Gold Plus Glasses India Ltd.
  • Outstanding performer of the year (2007): Durabuild Technologies
  • Best performer of the year (2008): KOHLER INC
  • Promoted to Management (2011) within 3 months of joining: Xerox
  • Only Supervisor selected to meet the CEO (2012): Xerox
  • Promoted to Senior Management (2015): Conduent
  • Selected by Humana to visit Humana Pharmacy dispensing facility in Phoenix, AZ (2018): Conduent