Sandeep Saxena

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  • PhD candidate
  • Graduate Teaching assistant
  • Biology
  • Biology
211 THM building, 675 Rose street
Research Interests:
Selected Publications: 

Saxena S, Vekaria H, Sullivan PG, Seifert AW (2019). Connective tissue fibroblasts from highly regenerative mammals are refractory to ROS-induced cellular senescence. Nature Communication 10(1):4400.

Meng, F., Saxena, S., Liu, Y., Joshi, B., Wong, T. H., Shankar, J., Foster, L. J., Bernatchez, P. and Nabi, I. R. (2017). The phospho–caveolin-1 scaffolding domain dampens force fluctuations in focal adhesions and promotes cancer cell migration. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 28(16), 2190–2201.

Saxena, S., Purushothaman, S., Meghah, V., Bhatti, B., Poruri, A., Meena Lakshmi, M. G., Sarath Babu, N., Narasimha Murthy, Ch. L., Mandal, K. K., Kumar, A. and Idris, M. M. (2016). Role of annexin gene and its regulation during zebrafish caudal fin regeneration. Wound Rep and Reg, 24: 551–559.

Saxena, S.*, Purushothaman, S.*, Meghah, V., Meena Lakshmi, M.G., Singh, S.K., Brahmendra Swamy, C.V., and Idris, M.M. (2015). Proteomic and gene expression analysis of zebrafish brain undergoing continuous light/dark stress. J Sleep Res 24, 458-465.

Saxena, S.*, Purushothaman, S.*, Saxena, S.*, Meghah, V., Swamy, C.V., Ortega-Martinez, O., Dupont, S., and Idris, M. (2014). Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of Amphiura filiformis arm tissue-undergoing regeneration. J Proteomics 112, 113-124.

Saxena, S., Dupont, S., Meghah, V., Lakshmi, M.G., Singh, S.K., Swamy, C.V., and Idris, M.M. (2013). Proteome map of the neural complex of the tunicate Ciona intestinalis, the closest living relative to vertebrates. Proteomics 13, 860-865.

Chakravarty, S., Reddy, B.R., Sudhakar, S.R., Saxena, S., Das, T., Meghah, V., Brahmendra Swamy, C.V., Kumar, A., and Idris, M.M. (2013). Chronic unpredictable stress (CUS)-induced anxiety and related mood disorders in a zebrafish model: altered brain proteome profile implicates mitochondrial dysfunction. PLoS One 8, e63302.

Saxena, S.*, Singh, S.K.*, Lakshmi, M.G., Meghah, V., Bhatti, B., Swamy, C.V., Sundaram, C.S., and Idris, M.M. (2012). Proteomic analysis of zebrafish caudal fin regeneration. Mol Cell Proteomics 11, M111 014118.

Saxena, S., Singh, S.K., Lakshmi, M.G., Meghah, V., Sundaram, C.S., Swamy, C.V., and Idris, M.M. (2011). Proteome profile of zebrafish kidney. J Proteomics 74, 2937-2947.

Singh, S.K., Saxena, S., Meena Lakshmi, M.G., Saxena, P., and Idris, M.M. (2011). Proteome profile of zebrafish Danio rerio olfactory bulb based on two-dimensional gel electrophoresis matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization MS/MS analysis. Zebrafish 8, 183-189.

Singh, S.K.*, Lakshmi, M.G.*, Saxena, S., Swamy, C.V., and Idris, M.M. (2010). Proteome profile of zebrafish caudal fin based on one-dimensional gel electrophoresis LCMS/MS and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis MALDI MS/MS analysis. J Sep Sci 34, 225-232.

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