Warlen P Piedade

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  • PhD Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Biology
  • Biology
226 Biology
PubMed Publications*: 
  • Weaver, ML ;Piedade, WP ;Meshram, NN ;Famulski, JK "Hyaloid vasculature and mmp2 activity play a role during optic fissure fusion in zebrafish." Scientific reports 10, 1 (2020): 10136. Details. Full text
  • Carrara, N ;Weaver, M.;Piedade, WP ;Vocking, O ;Famulski, JK "Temporal characterization of optic fissure basement membrane composition suggests nidogen may be an initial target of remodeling." Developmental biology 452, 1 (2019): 43-54. Details. Full text
  • Aguiar, AF ;Vechetti-Júnior, IJ ;Souza, RW ;Piedade, WP ;Pacagnelli, FL ;Leopoldo, AS ;Casonatto, J ;Dal-Pai-Silva, M "Nitric oxide synthase inhibition impairs muscle regrowth following immobilization." Nitric oxide : biology and chemistry 69, (2017): 22-27. Details. Full text
  • Souza, RW ;Fernandez, GJ ;Cunha, JP ;Piedade, WP ;Soares, LC ;Souza, PA ;de Campos, DH ;Okoshi, K ;Cicogna, AC ;Dal-Pai-Silva, M ;Carvalho, RF "Regulation of cardiac microRNAs induced by aerobic exercise training during heart failure." American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology 309, 10 (2015): H1629-41. Details. Full text
  • de Souza, PA ;de Souza, RW ;Soares, LC ;Piedade, WP ;Campos, DH ;Carvalho, RF ;Padovani, CR ;Okoshi, K ;Cicogna, AC ;Matheus, SM ;Dal-Pai-Silva, M "Aerobic training attenuates nicotinic acethylcholine receptor changes in the diaphragm muscle during heart failure." Histology and histopathology 30, 7 (2015): 801-11. Details. Full text
  • Souza, RW Alves;Aguiar, AF ;Vechetti-Júnior, IJ ;Piedade, WP ;Campos, GE Rocha;Dal-Pai-Silva, M "Resistance training with excessive training load and insufficient recovery alters skeletal muscle mass-related protein expression." Journal of strength and conditioning research 28, 8 (2014): 2338-45. Details. Full text
  • Souza, RW ;Piedade, WP ;Soares, LC ;Souza, PA ;Aguiar, AF ;Vechetti-Júnior, IJ ;Campos, DH ;Fernandes, AA ;Okoshi, K ;Carvalho, RF ;Cicogna, AC ;Dal-Pai-Silva, M "Aerobic exercise training prevents heart failure-induced skeletal muscle atrophy by anti-catabolic, but not anabolic actions." PloS one 9, 10 (0): e110020. Details. Full text
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