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Attention: Graduate Students Anticipating a May 2019 (Spring) Degree:


  • February 20 -- Last day for doctoral candidates for a May 2019 degree to submit a Notification of Intent (NOTIF) to schedule a final examination to The Graduate School.

Note: In order to provide sufficient time for the Graduate School to identify an outside examiner, you must submit the NOTIF a minimum of eight weeks prior to the anticipated defense date.


  • March 20 -- Last day to apply for a May 2019 degree.

Note: If you submitted a degree application for a previous semester, but did not graduate you must complete a new degree application for the current term. If you have any issues completing the degree application online, please send an email to


  • April 4 -- Last day for candidates for a May 2019 degree to submit the request for final exam form to The Graduate School.

Please note that the request for final exam form must be received by the Graduate School a minimum of two weeks prior to the intended exam date, so be sure to submit it as far in advance as possible.

  • April 18 -- Last day for candidates for a May 2019 degree to sit for a final examination.
  • April 26 -- Last day for candidates for a May 2019 degree to submit your electronic thesis/dissertation (ETD) for format review to The Graduate School. This only applies to Doctoral students and Master’s Plan A students.
  • April 26 is the last day to submit/upload your ETD to UKnowledge for format check. Within 3-4 days of your submission, Danielle Johnson, our degree certification officer, will review your ETD and check the format to ensure that it meets all requirements. Once reviewed, you will receive an email with notice that your ETD submission requires revisions before it can be accepted OR that your ETD has been accepted with no revisions required. If you receive notice that your ETD requires revisions, please revise your ETD and refer to the instructions included in your notice on how to submit the revised version of your ETD to UKnowledge. Please submit your revisions as soon as possible as your ETD must receive final approval by May 3 in order for you to be eligible for a May 2019 degree.

Note: Please review the instructions thoroughly before submitting your ETD. This will save you from making excessive revisions later.


  • May 3 -- Last day for candidates for a May 2019 degree to have final version (including all revisions) of ETD “accepted” by The Graduate School.


Note: This is not intended as an exhaustive list of all grad school dates and requirements. It is simply a reminder of important dates/deadlines for students anticipating a May (Spring) 2019 degree. More information regarding dates and degree requirements can be found on the grad school website and in the graduate student handbook provided by your specific program of study.


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