Faculty Research Interests

The faculty of Biology provides the most important set of resources for a student considering graduate school. First and foremost, as a student in our program, one of us will eventually be your major advisor, providing guidance on developing your research and career advice. Please check out our web pages listed under the “Graduate Faculty” tab to learn more about us and contact us if you are interested.

Your training will also be enhanced by interacting with other faculty members who may have overlapping interests. Biology has a diverse set of research foci, and you can learn more about these interest groups by following the tab labelled “Interest Groups”. Interactions with researchers in Medicine and Agriculture, among others also can enhance your experiences, so check out our colleagues in those colleges as well.

Finally, there will also be plenty of opportunities to interact with a diverse set of researchers and educators across the breadth of Biology. Your training includes experience at understanding other research besides your own, integrating new ideas and techniques into your own research, and developing skills at educating others. Faculty members who do not directly train students contribute greatly to the suite of experiences you will have as a student in our program. To learn more about the full faculty in the department, click the “Faculty” button in the banner at the top of the page. 

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