Graduate Faculty

Every member of the faculty in Biology provides expertise of potential use to the training a graduate student receives. Only some faculty members serve in the role of major advisor, who is the person that provides most of the guidance and resources a student is likely to need. Below we have listed those faculty members who are training or would like to train students for either the PhD or thesis MS. Please contact them directly to find out if they are currently considering inviting new students to join their labs. 

Robbie Burger

Vincent Cassone

Robin Cooper

Philip Crowley

Elizabeth Debski

Elizabeth Duncan

Jakub Famulski

Doug Harrison

Chintan Kikani

Catherine Linnen

D. Nicholas McLetchie

Ann Morris

Bruce O’Hara

Jeffrey Osborn

Julie Pendergast

Brian Rymond

Jessica Santollo

Craig Sargent

Eve Schneider

Ashley Seifert

Philip Skipwith

Jeramiah Smith

Jeremy Van Cleve

David Weisrock

David Westneat