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Thank-you for your interest in applying to our Graduate Program! We hope the application process is a smooth one, but there are some complexities that we need to explain. If anything is confusing please contact us!

Biology has two admissions processes, one for the Ph.D. and thesis Master's degrees, and one for the non-thesis Masters. Please consult our pages on degrees offered to learn more about them. 

Our main admissions process for a Ph.D. and thesis M.S. is geared for entry into the program in the fall semester in each year. We will consider admissions for the spring semester only under highly unusual circumstances. Please contact the DGS if you or your potential mentor wants you to enter starting in the spring. Our admissions process for a non-thesis M.S. will allow for entry into the program in either the Fall or Spring semester.

Target Date for Ph.D. and thesis Master's

The Biology Department begins its review of applications for Fall entry of new Ph.D. and thesis Master's students shortly after December 15 of each year. This is not a deadline, but students who apply by January 1 are considered for Fellowships and have the best chances of being accepted. Later applications will be considered, but space will become more limited as the class fills. One exception is that the Graduate School has an application deadline of February 1 for International Students. For all applicants, we recommend submission of the application by January 1 to ensure full consideration.

Target Date for non-thesis Master's

For a Fall entry, we will begin reviewing applications for our non-thesis Master's program starting April 15. For a Spring entry, we will begin reviewing applications starting on November 15 prior to the start of the semester. We recommend you get your application in by these dates. We will consider applications that arrive later, but space may be filled up as time passes.


You will apply to both the Graduate School and the Biology Program simultaneously through an online application process. For Ph.D. and thesis M.S. students, this application also serves as the application for an assistantship. Please review the Biology Department instructions regarding the information content and format of your CV and personal statement before completing your application. Also, you can find a general description of the University of Kentucky's graduate admissions process on their website: UK Grad.

The online application will require you to enter some information and upload files for other elements. Letters of recommendation will also be uploaded here later on by your letter writers. Once you apply, you will be issued a web link to provide to your references.

Apply online at: UK Graduate School Application**

**New applicants should first select the "Create an account" link on the application web site.

We look forward to learning more about you. Good luck!