UK Faculty Establish American Physiological Society, Kentucky Chapter

Three University of Kentucky faculty have lead the effort in establishing an important statewide initiative in the field of physiology.

WUKY's 'UK Perspectives' Features Student-athletes in the Honors Program

Today's program features two UK students who excel in both the classroom and on the field. Freshman soccer midfielder Cailin Harris and sophomore decathlete Daniel Buckles are also in the UK Honors Program.

To Ethiopia and Back: Grace Trimble & Emily Holsopple

This past July, a group of eight female student athletes traveled to Ethiopia as part of a week long service trip. It was the second consecutive year that the UK Athletics Department has led such a group. Nominated by their respective coaches, the delegation of student athletes spent ten days traveling across the country, serving those they encountered along the way stopping at places like a leprosy colony or a sports camp where they coached local children.

Two of those on the trip were A&S students Emily Holsapple, a biology major on the rifle team, and Grace Trimble, a political science major playing on the tennis team. In this podcast they discuss their service work and how this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will stick with them for years to come.
This podcast was produced by Patrick O'Dowd.

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Outside the Classroom: Biology Lecturer Jennifer Osterhage on Running

Outside of all her academic pursuits, Jennifer Osterhage enjoys running – a lot, and she is quite successful as well. Last year she won the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon, and we asked her a couple of questions about her passion for running.

UK Athletes Excel Both Inside and Outside the Stadium

Each year, more than 500 UK students get involved through UK Athletics, programs that carry rich tradition. However, freshman Cailin Harris and sophomore Daniel Buckles took their involvement one step further, engaging in a program that upholds another aspect of the UK tradition — the UK Honors Program.

World-renowned UK Alumna, Biodiversity Expert Named 2012 Mines Medalist

UK alumna Diana Wall, recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on biodiversity, has been named the 2012 Mines Medalist, a national honor the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology awards annually to engineers and scientists who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation.

NSF, ERF Facilitate Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Through a National Science Foundation program called Research Experiences for Undergraduates, 10 students from colleges across the country spent 10 weeks studying suburban ecology and invasive species at or nearby UK's Ecological Research Facility.

American Female Professor Came Across the Ocean to “Water” the Desert Plants in Xinjiang

Biology Professor Carol Baskin recently received the Tiashan Award from the Xinjiang government for her contributions to the study of the ecology of desert plant seed.

Undergraduate Research at UK with Zaheen Rabbani

Zaheen Rabbani graduated from the University of Kentucky in May 2012 with dual degrees in biology and psychology. Zaheen credits his undergraduate research experience with developing critical thinking skills and prepping him to apply to medical school this fall.

"I probably learned more doing undergraduate research than I would have in a textbook. I’ve learned how processes work. It’s a different mindset. It allows you to think critically and that will definitely help in my future career. I’m going to apply to medical school in the fall. I hope to do research there as well.

"I’ve always been interested in research. That was actually one of my main reasons why I chose this university is because of its research focus," Zaheen says.

He started working in Physiology Chair Michael Reid's lab as part of a Bio 395 course, which gives undergrads credit hours for conducting research. "Patients who undergo a lot of chemotherapy report losses in muscle function. So my research focused on what treatment options are available, and the main goal was to prevent muscle atrophy.

"I think that most people are terrified at the thought of reaching out to faculty members and saying, 'Hey, I want to do research. What can I do to contribute to your lab?' You’d be surprised how many faculty members will welcome you with open arms and cause they’re always looking for somebody to take under their wing and mentor."

Produced by Alicia P. Gregory (Research Communications), videography/direction by Chad Rumford (Research Communications)

This video appears courtesy of Reveal: University of Kentucky Research Media

Undergraduate Research at UK with Taylor Lloyd

University of Kentucky senior Taylor Lloyd got involved in research as a freshman, and she says it shaped her career path. In February 2012, Taylor was honored on the floor of Rupp Arena as a recipient of two prestigious scholarships: the NASA Astronaut Scholarship and the Goldwater Scholarship. Her research, in the lab of Bruce Downie (associate professor of horticulture at the UK College of Agriculture), focuses on light and temperature signals that govern the germination of seeds. Understanding these mechanisms will allow researchers to improve agriculture in light of rising global temperatures.

Produced by Alicia P. Gregory (Research Communications), videography/direction by Chad Rumford (Research Communications), additional footage from UK Athletics

This video appears courtesy of Reveal: University of Kentucky Research Media


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