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Resources for Current Students

FOLLOW THE BIOLOGY MAJORS CANVAS PAGE FOR THE MOST UPDATED INFORMATION. If you are not on the Canvas page, email with a request to be added; include your (1) full name, (2) link blue id, and (3) student number. 

Biology Degree Checklists


Four-Year Plans


A&S Advising



Are you ready to graduate?
Students can get information regarding how to graduate at
Commencement information found at

A&S forms

Forms for the following actions can her found HERE. If you are required to log in to access any form, use your Link Blue id and password. 
  • Declaring Academic Bankruptcy
  • Add/Drop Course
  • Credit Hour Limit Exception Request
  • Dean's List Petition
  • General Petitions
  • Post Mid-Term Withdrawal 
  • Readmission for Degree
  • Remove AP/IB Credit
  • Repeat Option 
  • Retroactive Withdrawal Form
  • Time Conflict
  • Undergraduate Enrollment in a Graduate Level Course
  • USP / UK Core / GCCR Exceptions Requests

Resources for Students

Need help with academics, physical and mental health, physical and mental well-being, finances, counselling, etc.? Click HERE for resources available to students.