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Assistant Professor
Ecology, Macroecology, Biogeography, Global Change Ecology, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology
Chronobiology, Neuroscience, Microbiome
302A T.H. Morgan Building
Associate Professor
Ecological and evolutionary genetics, adaptation and speciation, population genomics, insect-plant interactions, Evolutionary Biology
204E T.H. Morgan Building
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
334A T.H. Morgan Building
Associate Professor
Mammalian circadian rhythms and metabolism
316 T.H. Morgan Building
(859) 218-6770
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
neuroendocrinology, Estrogen Receptor Signaling, Sex Differences, Motivated Behavior, Ingestive Behaviors
211D T.H. Morgan Building
Senior Lecturer
Director of Undergraduate Studies
113 T.H. Morgan Building
Associate Professor
Evolutionary ecology, Quantitative biology, Social evolution, Ecological and evolutionary genetics, Mathematical Biology
216 T.H. Morgan Building
(859) 218-3020
Director, Ecological Research and Education Center
Evolutionary ecology, behavioral ecology, social and reproductive behavior
104 MDR3
(859) 323-9499
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