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BIO 397 Research in Microbiology

BIO 397 is a variable credit course for the advanced student wishing to gain research experience in microbiology. BIO 397 counts as an elective towards the Microbiology Minor, and as an elective for the Biology major. Students must identify a research mentor with expertise in the area of microbiology, complete a research contract (download HERE) with their mentor’s help, and submit it to Dr. Ruth Beattie ( for approval. Once the contract is approved, the student will be allowed to register for the course.

Number of hours expected to work on the research: Lab Hours to Credit Hours Conversions

Below is a list of faculty who often recruit students for BIO 397 research in their laboratories. This is not a comprehensive list. If students identify other faculty as research mentors, they should check with Dr. Ruth Beattie for approval.