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Cell and Developmental Biology Directory

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Chronobiology, Neuroscience, Microbiome
302A T.H. Morgan Building
Associate Professor
Physiology, Neuroscience, Genetics, Genomics, Neurobiology
201 MDR3
(859) 323-9537
Assistant Professor
Animal regeneration, Stem cell biology, Developmental Biology, Chromatin biology
202 T.H. Morgan Building
(859) 562-2028
Associate Professor
Cell Migration, Microscopy, Developmental Cell Biology
213A T.H. Morgan Building
(859) 218-3540
Associate Professor
Director, A&S Imaging Center
Cell signaling, Cell biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics
300B T.H. Morgan Building
(859) 257-6275
Assistant Professor
Stem cell biology, Cell signaling, Cell biology, Metabolic network in cancer
314A T.H. Morgan Building
Associate Professor
Associate Chair
Science Education
101D T.H. Morgan Building
Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Retina
215 T.H. Morgan Building
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
334A T.H. Morgan Building
Assistant Professor
Neuroscience, Ion channels, Somatosensory Development and Evolution
311A T. H. Morgan Building
Associate Professor
Animal regeneration, developmental biology and regenerative medicine
211 T.H. Morgan Building
859 218 2668
Associate Professor
Genome Biology, Vertebrate Evolution, Pluripotency, Cancer, Regeneration, biology
200 T.H. Morgan Building
(859) 948-3674, (859) 257-0124 (Lab)
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